The Chocolate Tasting Course

The Complete Craft Chocolate Tasting Course offers a unique opportunity to learn about and taste chocolate in the comfort of your own home! 

Who is this course for?

Everyone who wants to learn about chocolate. (No prior knowledge necessary!)

Anyone who’ve heard the terms “craft chocolate,” “bean to bar,” “single origin,” “terroir,” “cocoa percentages,” "fine cacao," and wondered what they mean.

Those who wants to understand tasting notes and be able to taste chocolate like an expert using a sensorial approach.

Anyone willing to be mindful about their food, interested in learning where their chocolate comes from and how it’s made.

Foodies who want to be ahead of the curve and part of a growing craft chocolate revolution.

What's included in this course?

Professional Video Lessons

Easily digestible chocolate lessons in a self-paced video format. Interactive activities and quizzes throughout to train your tasting skills.

eBook + Expert Tasting Tools

You get our 50+ page guidebook on all things craft chocolate, our expert tasting tools and lots more!

Premium Craft Chocolate Selection

Receive a box of seven premium tasting bars (25g) from Firetree's volcanic chocolate selection! 

Certificate of Completion

Fun and informative quizzes throughout to help you learn with a free certificate on completion!

So who are we to teach you about chocolate?

We’re Lukas & Ruby, founders of Cacao Magazine, the world’s first magazine dedicated entirely to craft chocolate. We have spent the last years learning, writing, talking about, making and tasting chocolateWe've worked with countless chocolate experts, bean-to-bar makers, professional tasters and cacao farmers and we’ve picked up lots of stories, knowledge and tips along the way that we’re excited to share with you.

Learn about chocolate whilst eating chocolate.

We are passionate about learning by doing, and when it comes to chocolate nothing will teach you more than tasting it. That’s why we’ve partnered with the award-winning fine chocolate brand Firetree Chocolate™. You’ll receive their full range of seven volcanic tasting bars, so that you can put everything you learn into practice and become a chocolate expert.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can only ship to the UK, Europe and USA. 

Sent in a letterbox pack, so it'll arrive whether you're home or not!
 Shipped from the UK, takes between 1 - 3 weeks to arrive!

What do our students think of the course?

"10/10 would recommend! This was an amazing, informative, thoroughly enjoyable and tasty course! We appreciate the time space and guidance to taste these incredible Firetree bars. We found the emphasis on there being ‘no right or wrong answers’ welcoming and inclusive, which encouraged us to openly compare notes with each other and participate in the comments section. Thank you to Ruby, Lukas and Martyn for collaborating and bringing this course to life!"

Chocolate Maker at Kreuzberg Chocolates

"Cacao magazine's chocolate tasting course was educational, fun, and easy to navigate, with a mix of video and narrated slides. They encourage you to take your time through the tastings which brings you on a fascinating exploration of Firetree's collection. I especially enjoyed learning what influences the taste of the chocolate and the mini quizzes at the end of each section to check I was taking it all in! I'd recommend the course to anyone who's new to craft chocolate or simply wanting to brush up on their chocolate knowledge and tasting skills."

Cocoa Nibbler

"With each module/tasting pair, I found myself referring to the guide and thoroughly reading the accompanying notes. I am so impressed by the amount of research that has gone into the many aspects of the course! Learning about the origins, growing, farming, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and environmental aspects of cacao and chocolate, has been enlightening. Working through the tastings with detailed notes on how to get the most out of tasting a bar of chocolate have made me appreciate what I have taken for granted. It was nice to slow down and really appreciate the beautiful flavour of quality chocolate. Thanks very much, Ruby and Lukas!"

Founder of The Well Travelled Kitchen

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